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Collagen Benefits for the Skin

Collagen Benefits for the Skin

You may have heard of collagen, and how it’s the protein your body produces to give tissues their durability and structure. However, many people are unaware of precisely how collagen benefits your skin; how does it actually work.

Collagen improves skin tone, reduces wrinkles and increases skin hydration

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It remains firm, resilient and strong thanks to the collagen produced in the skin’s dermal layer. In fact collagen is the main component of skin and makes up 75% of your skin's dermal layer.

When you’re younger, your body keeps up with the damage your skin endures by producing more collagen. But at age 25 your body’s ability to synthesize new collagen begins to slowly decline, before dropping significantly at middle age. This decline is why you get wrinkles, age spots, and lose skin tone as you age. These are all signs of the weakening of your skin, so it’s no wonder there is excitement around collagen’s ability to stem that tide.

Here’s how collagen benefits your skin:

  1. Improves blood flow: As we age we tend to have reduced function in our blood vessels; they become stiff (atherosclerosis) and this causes a decline in circulation. Collagen and elastin are critical components that strongly influence blood vessel function.  Elastin allows veins and arteries to return to their original shape after contracting and stretching as blood is pumped through them.  Collagen keeps the inside of blood vessels strong and smooth for easy blood flow. When blood vessels lose their strength and flexibility, cascading events result in plaques which restrict blood flow.  Reduced blood flow decreases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to our skin cells.  Supplementing with Luminara collagen helps blood flow in two ways.  In addition to maintaining levels that help to prevent plaque buildup inside the vessels, Collagen is also rich in the amino acid arginine.  Arginine improves circulation by changing into nitric oxide, a natural relaxant for your blood vessels.  These two actions work to improve your blood flow.
  1. Stimulates your natural collagen production: Luminara collagen supplements stimulate your body into producing more collagen in the dermis or lower layers of your skin, providing a stronger foundation for the outer layer of your skin called the epidermis. This extra support makes the outer skin firmer, smoother and stronger and also improves its ability to retain moisture, resulting in improved skin appearance and decreased pore size. Studies show collagen peptide supplements reduce wrinkle depth by 10-18%.

This increase in collagen production also reduces the density prevalence of the cells that cause hyper-pigmentation. In the image below, we can clearly see that after six weeks of using Luminara collagen, the hyper-pigmentation and pore size are both dramatically reduced.

  1. Anti-oxidant action- prevents tissue degeneration: UV exposure, smoking, improper diet, and exposure to household chemicals or other air pollutants can cause oxidative stress to your skin cells. Oxidative stress is known to cause inflammation in your cells, and speed the aging of skin. Collagen’s high concentration of amino acids which act as anti-oxidants work to scavenge free radicals and keep your tissue damage in check.
  1. Reduces the release of inflammatory agents: In response to irritants and allergens your body releases inflammatory cytokines resulting in itchy, red and inflamed skin. Luminara collagen inhibits the overproduction of these inflammatory cytokines. This calming of the inflammatory process halts the itch, and allows red, dry and cracked skin to heal.

Luminara’s small molecule collagen creates maximum benefits because your body can absorb small molecules more effectively. More of the collagen peptides are absorbed into the blood stream, which means they get to where they’re needed more effectively. 

With Luminara, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, you can reduce the visible signs of aging, and keep your skin firm, hydrated, and resilient.  

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