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How LÚMINARA Is Changing The Jamu Game

How LÚMINARA Is Changing The Jamu Game

Jamu Is A Traditional System Of Medicine


However, though its use is widespread, it isn't quite as reliable as it may first seem. A lot of jamu merchants use blends that are made based on anecdotal evidence. This means that the basis of their claims are usually shaky at best.

In an era of increasingly fragile health as many claims are made through rumour and hearsay, one can't afford to deal with a product that doesn't work as it's advertised. Testimonial can arise from enough data, through confirmation bias. Not only that, a placebo effect that comes from pure faith in a product also skews data.

How Is LÚMINARA Any Different?


LÚMINARA uses only the active ingredient of each of its components. An extract of vitamin C from lemon, the anti-inflammatory curcumin, with a 40X boost of bioavailability through the use of German technology.

And that's only on the jamu side of the spectrum. Vitamin C only plays a supporting role in your skin, where the star is collagen. We use type-I collagen peptides, to further accelerate your skin's regeneration.

By combining these ingredients along with the more effective sweetener of honey to reduce sugar content, we've managed to formulate the ULTIMATE SKINCARE DRINK.

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