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Signs Of Dehydration And How To Avoid It

Signs Of Dehydration And How To Avoid It

Dehydration can really creep up on you in unexpected ways. If you're anything like me, you can end up sweating away all the liquids you take in the morning, by lunchtime!

Here are some signs that you might be dehydrated:

1. You're not urinating enough or darker urine.


Normal urine should be pale yellow in colour. If it is darker, you're probably dehydrated. Also, you should be going to the bathroom to urinate between 4 - 10 times every 24 hours. If you're going only 3 times or less, drink more water!

2. Your skin isn't elastic


The skin on the back of your hand should snap back quickly when you pinch it. If it remains in a creased position for longer than a second, you're likely dehydrated, or drunk. Not only that, dehydration can have a long term effect on your skin's health. Either or, drink some water!

3. Your heart beats faster than normal


After a workout, you are likely to still have an elevated heart rate from the exercise. However, if your heart is still working hard long after you've cooled down, this could be a sign of severe dehydration. Make sure to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout to prevent this.

Note: if you are experiencing extremely high heart rates after cooldown, go consult a doctor. They might prescribe an IV drip to re hydrate you immediately.

4. Confusion, headaches, lightheadedness


Unsurprisingly, your brain requires a lot of water to work well. Water is 73% of your brain, after all.

Tips for staying hydrated:

Get a reusable water bottle!

water bottle.PNG

It's surprising how easy it is to simply remind yourself to drink water when it is within reach. Bonus points for getting one that's fashionable and suits your aesthetic!

Add some flavour!


Not everybody likes just plain old water, so spice it up a bit! I personally like adding a sachet of LÚMINARA for that tinge of classic honey and lemon, while I supplement myself with the nutrients I need to stay fresh, looking fresh!

Pay attention to how much water you're losing!


If you pursue an active lifestyle, you'll likely need more water, as you sweat it out. Make sure you replace all the fluids you lose through your workout.

Avoid excessive sugary soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol!


Your body naturally wants to expel these, and it does so in urine. This forces you to lose water as you go to the bathroom more often. Alcohol does even worse: it pretends to be water to your body, so drinking it dehydrates you even further.

I hope you've enjoyed these tips! Make sure to stay hydrated!

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