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Skin Fasting: The No-Fuss Approach to Skincare

Skin Fasting: The No-Fuss Approach to Skincare

From moisturizers to toners to serums and masks, there seems to be an endless array of skincare choices available, so when we heard about one of the latest beauty trends skin fasting aka doing literally nothing to your skin. Read on below to understand this seriously pared down skincare concept, its benefits and whether you might wish to give it a go. 

what exactly is skin fasting?

A skin fast is exactly what it sounds like: choosing to forgo your usual beauty routine, or at the very least, minimize the use of your products for a period of time. Skin fasting is a natural method that can help your skin rejuvenate from the inside out. Becoming dependent on skincare aides that provide hydration and oils, as well as the overuse of makeup, actually lessens your skin’s natural maintenance system. Skin fasting can in turn improve your skin’s condition and detoxify skin impurities.

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the benefits of skin fasting?

Many people use multi-step regimens for their skin, and while they may benefit from a good skincare regimen, allowing the skin to reset from time to time will likely reveal unexpected benefits. 

The benefits of skin fasting include an elimination diet for your skin. By pausing your routine, you may find out that you are using a product that doesn't agree with your skin or is unnecessary.  You also allow your skin to recover its barrier and to resume production of sebum, or the natural oily substance that our skin produces to keep the bad things out and the good things in (like water) too much sebum isn't a good thing, but too little sebum can have negative consequences as well.

In some cases, if your skin is breaking out or getting irritated from your skincare routine, taking a break from your products may help the skin recover. 

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how do i do it? 

If you’re interested in doing a skin fast, there are no hard and fast rules. A week or two of skin fasting should be sufficient to let the skin reset and breathe. You don’t necessarily have to go completely cold turkey on your beloved products off the bat. If you break out or have some new reaction after suddenly starting a skin fast, it is a sign that the skin is not ready yet, so you should slowly reduce the amount of cream little by little a slow transition is key for success. You might still want to keep a product or two in your routine throughout a skin fast and that’s okay.

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