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The Next Big Thing in Collagen

The Next Big Thing in Collagen

Through Its Helpfulness To Your Body,

collagen peptides are often seen as a miracle ingredient meant to aid your body in multiple areas of its health. From skin health to hair growth, joint pain to flexibility, collagen is an essential family of proteins that your body forms as it grows tissue and repairs damage constantly.

Is it, however, the panacea that people make it out to be?

Each type of tissue in your body uses multiple different types of collagen in different quantities. For example, type-I collagen is abundant in your skin and as such, skin-marketed collagen peptide products are usually filled purely with this type of collagen. In fact, 90% of the collagen in your body is type-I, not only in your skin, but actually prevalent in protein structures all throughout your body.

How then, could the collagen industry improve its effects, if performance is the bottom line aim, instead of sales?


There Is No Panacea

Forget the tall tales of being able to cure every disease with a single medication. Just as there is no such pill to cure everything, no single collagen product will be able to target every ail in every part of the body. Unfortunately, by a similar line of thought, a pure type-I collagen peptide make-up will not be the most effective for your skin either, as your skin actually requires different types of collagen in order to make use of them effectively.

Thus, for a collagen product to be truly most effective for your skin, it must match the collagen types present in your skin!

So, A Mix Of Collagen Types That Match Human Skin?

Yes, but let's think BIGGER. Each person's skin is different. It would then theoretically be possible for a collagen product to be custom made to the customer, on an order-to-order basis. Through this method, one must first have a sample of their skin analysed (preferably in the target area) and replicated.

This is all just conjecture from what's possible with current technology, but is unfeasible because of how expensive such a treatment would be, such that it would be preferable for those with such a budget and inclination to simply go under the knife for cosmetic surgery instead.

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