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When Is It Best To Take Collagen For Your Skin?

When Is It Best To Take Collagen For Your Skin?

So You've Decided To Take Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides

But now you want to know when to take it to have it help you the most, to maximise bang for buck. After all who doesn't want to enhance their youthful lustre as efficiently as possible?

In order for you to get the most out of your collagen, you must ensure your body is in the right state to absorb all of it. Part of the process of collagen synthesis (the magic that keeps you looking young) requires you to also have Vitamin C in your system. It is essential that your body has plenty to work with in order for the synthesis process to work at full throttle.

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Luckily, LÚMINARA uses a formula that is complete in this regard. We use lemon extract's Vitamin C to complement the collagen peptides (type-I, specifically for skin) and Curcumin to boost your system's circulation to target your skin as effectively as possible!

So When Should I Take The Collagen Supplement?

It is recommended by quite a number of people to take a collagen supplement in the morning, with an empty stomach, for absorption. However, in truth it doesn't really matter what time it is taken, as there isn't concrete evidence for when collagen should be taken to increase its effectiveness.

However, it is suggested that collagen is taken:

Once a day, at a regular routine time

This is for a number of reasons:

  1. The routine will help you with any potential forgetfulness with taking the supplement.
  2. Your intelligent body will understand that you take collagen at that specific time, and incorporate it in collagen synthesis for effective use.

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